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The Physical Symptoms:
One of the very strange challenges that the entire topic of snoring faces Matt Adams Cardinals Jersey , is that, well, most people dont think its all that big of a problem. As a result, many people are quite skeptical when told that snoring is a severe physical and emotional health difficulty.

It only takes a minute, or a cursory glance, at the list of physical symptoms associated with a snoring dilemma to quickly embrace this funny sounding nounverb into the class of serious health problems.

Here is just an opening list of the health concerns that could occur from snoring problems (and remember Lance Lynn Cardinals Jersey , please, that were just looking at physical snoring problems right now; emotional problems come later!).
*sleep apnea
*heart disease
*headaches throughout the day (due to poor quality sleep and poor airflow through trachea)
*night sweats
*swollen legs and arms (due to lack of oxygen flow)
*an overall weakened immune system
*hearing loss (if the snoring problem is very loud; remember, snoring can be as loud as a passing jet!)
*And more…

In addition, most of us assume that snoring problems are associated with adulthood; and, as such, that the physical ailments noted above are limited to adults. This is not the case at all Jonathan Broxton Cardinals Jersey , since many children and adolescents snore (particularly those with related airflow inhibiting conditions, such as asthma).

If you, the reader are not a snorer, but have lived with (or currently live with) a first class snorer, you might find yourself shedding a tear or two as you read this section. Thats because often overlooked in the whole snoring discussion are those people who dont snore.
These are the husbands, the wives Zach Duke Cardinals Jersey , the kids, the nanny, the siblings, the in-laws, and even the neighbors who have found themselves on the receiving end of a chain saw, or a lawn mower (the sounds of a snorer) Jhonny Peralta Cardinals Jersey , that tended to start at around 10:00 pm, and continued – unabated! – Until about 7:00 am the following morning.

For such people, trying to fall and stay asleep is not merely an exercise in stress coping; it is an exercise in crisis management!
The Emotional Symptoms:

Its not at all overly dramatic to suggest that the emotional costs of living with someone with a snoring issue are as severe, or possibly even more severe, as the physical toll associated with snoring problems. This is because snoring can lead to a disturbing array of emotional problems, including:

*lack of sleep Mike Matheny Cardinals Jersey , leading to depression and anxiety
*marital breakdown and divorce, due to lack of sleep and lack of empathy (remember, the partner with the snoring difficulty doesn鈥檛 often know the pain that they are unwittingly causing!)
*eviction by a landlord and the resulting humiliation (this may sound funny, but some people have literally been kicked out of their homes because of their snoring dilemma!)
*warring roommates and neighbors
*job loss, due to inability to concentrate and focus (because of sleeplessness)
*memory and retention problems due to sleeplessness
And within these problems (and this just a simple list, an entire book can be filled to document the real life emotional damage caused by snoring) are a host of painful mental states that infect both the guilty snorer Brett Cecil Cardinals Jersey , and the enraged non snorer.
These unproductive emotional states include:
*feelings of violence
*growing resentment
*lack of confidence and self-esteem

And lets not forget the millions of non snorers who drive cars or operate heavy machinery; without a solid night of sleep, some of them can (and regrettably do) put both themselves and others at risk.

Indeed, the emotional problems associated with snoring are, unfortunately, less discussed; especially since the snorer himself or herself isn鈥檛 aware that heshe is causing so much unintentional emotional damage! Yet, as you can easily see (perhaps even in reflecting upon your own life) Carlos Martinez Cardinals Jersey , the emotional costs of being a snorer or living with someone who has a snoring difficulty can be severe and incalculable.

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Jack Ma, chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and one of country's richest men, will star as the lead in a 20-minute short film titled Gongshoudao, or GSD, the film's executive producer Jet Li, also one of China's best-known kungfu stars Kolten Wong Cardinals Jersey , announced on Tuesday at a press conference in Shanghai.

The film, part of cooperative efforts between Li and Ma started six years ago, will debut on Chinese streaming platform Youku on November 11, also known as Singles' Day or Double 11 - the biggest online shopping day in China. An 8-minute cut of the film will premiere at Alibaba's Double 11 Shopping Festival gala on November 10, said Li at the press conference.

An Alibaba Pictures production directed by Chinese actor Wen Zhang, the film aims to spread China's kungfu culture and Li's newly developed kungfu sport of the same name. It tells the tale of a contest of skills between Ma's taichi master and a number of kungfu masters.

According to a Beijing News report on Wednesday Randal Grichuk Cardinals Jersey , an Alibaba Picture representative said that the film, which is not meant to be a commercial production, may also hold free screenings in cinemas for select audiences.

Star-studded cast

"I got to know Mr Ma 10 years ago, when I first established the One Foundation... I have practiced martial arts since I was eight and have always dreamed of sharing Chinese martial arts with the world," Li said.

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