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for everyone or just for a select few?

GABORONE adidas dragon ball z schweiz , Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Botswana's national women soccer team fancy their chances of qualifying for the 2015 All Africa Games following a convincing 3-1 away win over Madagascar in the past weekend.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday following the team's return to Botswana, coach Galetlhoo Nkutlwisang said they are very confident to progress to the next stage of the qualifiers and qualify for the continental games that are played in the Olympic format.

She commended her team for a great away win, saying they defied many odds to get the win that put them at a great advantage going into the second leg.

According to Nkutlwisang, Botswana won the match in a waterlogged pitch at Mahamasina Municipal Stadium. ""We wanted to keep the ball and play a passing game but the conditions there did not allow us to do that. We ended up relying on long balls playing counterattacks. I am very happy at the way the girls adapted under the tough conditions,"" she said.

She said despite carrying a big advantage of three away goals, they are not going to rest on their laurels for the second leg match. ""We can't afford to relax now, this is football and we know anything can happen, therefore we are going to keep working hard,"" said the coach. [ Nkutlwisang attributed the team's good performance to vigorous preparations they have been doing over the last two months when the team got in camp. For her part, team captain Bonang Otlhagile pleaded with the nation to rally behind the team in their quest to qualify for the All Africa Games.

She said they need all the support they can get to go all the way and qualify.

The team has never qualified for the All Africa Games before.


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It is common knowledge that without being stable a player will end up losing in the field. To win in the field, a player should have both lateral stability and vertical stability. Properly designed soccer boots will effortlessly facilitate the young player’s stability.

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A properly designed mid sole will make a player to have unmatched stability and top class flexibility. The young soccer player needs to be properly furnished with all kinds of stability when in the pitch. Plastic is the most common material used to construct almost all mid soles. Plastic is preferred because it is an easily available material and it can be bend easily. When plastic features prominently in the mid sole, it will be easy to bend the mid sole. Easy to bend mid soles facilitate the flexibility of players.

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