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e mark-up on alcohol, wine and be

HOUSTON http://www.yeezyv2norge.com/adidas-yeezy-boost-350.html , Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- One student was killed and another person was injured after a shooting happened at Texas Southern University (TSU) on Friday, local media reported.

The incident, which occurred at a student housing complex at the university around 11:30 a.m. local time, left an 18-year-old freshman student dead and the injured, not confirmed as a student, was sent to hospital in stable condition, according to local TV station KTRK.

Investigators said that an argument may be the cause of the shooting, the two suspects, unclear if they are TSU students, were detained by police but the third suspect remains at large.

The university was locked down for several hours and classes were canceled for the remainder of the day.

The shooting is the third in recent weeks on or near the TSU campus, but it is unclear if the shootings are related.

The university plans to beef up security after the shooting incidents.

""Now we're going to have to wake up and be more concerned by safety. Beef up our safety and work in conjunction with Houston police department more,"" said John Rudley, TSU president.

On Friday morning, a shooting at Northern Arizona University also caused the death of one student and the injury of three others.

So far this year, a total of 48 shooting incidents have reportedly happened on a school campus in the country, and of those shootings, 27 were classified as attacks that resulted in injury or death.

" Most brides want a fairytale wedding, complete with all the trimmings and special touches, but a Michigan wedding can run into some pretty substantial expenditures. Planning an affordable Michigan wedding that is still beautiful, romantic and unforgettable means knowing the best ways to save money while still keeping that romantic vision.

We've put together some great tips for saving money on your wedding so you can celebrate in style without ruining your budget as a newly married couple.

1. Shop for your wedding gown early and check out several bridal shops. You may be surprised by the considerable price difference from one shop to another. Ask the sales staff about discontinued gowns or gowns that are from last year's collections. These are often sold at a steep discount and no one but you will know that you found a bargain.

2. Look for a reception location that won't need a lot of decorating. You can have a Michigan wedding at any one of several historical locations and special event venues that are lovely and have wonderful ambiance. You锟絣l want to find a historic locale with the look and feel of a castle, complete with formal gardens, stonewalls, arched windows and the feel of the Old World, the romance and beauty are already there. No finishing touches will be needed. The prettier the natural setting, the less you'll have to pay to dress it up.

3. Ask your reception hall about what they include in the price. Some locations charge extra for the rental of tables, chairs, candles and linens. Don't forget to consider this; if you find a place that includes these extras in the cost of the location, you'll save money in the long run. Since they have everything on hand, you will eliminate this cost from your catering and decorating budget.

4. Bundle the locations for your Michigan wedding. In other words, find a place that is perfect for the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception all in one. You'll save a significant amount of money by booking everything together. Reception halls and historic locations love being able to take care of you on your wedding day from beginning to end. They benefit from having two full days of activities at their location, and you benefit from the reduced cost. With less transportation needed, the reduced cost of using the same caterer for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, and the opportunity to streamline everything, will not only save you money, it will save you aggravation. If you host everything in one location, you have fewer contacts to worry about and less confusion. Peace of mind can be priceless when planning your Michigan wedding!

5. Look for a Michigan wedding location that provides you with a facilitator at no extra cost. These are staff members, often certified wedding planners, who work with all their guests to coordinate your special day from beginning to end. Since it's included in the cost of your wedding and reception, you aren't paying out of pocket for your own wedding planner.

6. Remember to look for beautiful photo opportunities. Michigan is filled with locations that feature beautiful gardens and are close to the shore. These make wonderful backgrounds for your wedding photos and are free to use any time. If you find a reception location that has their own gardens and is an easy drive to the shore for additional pictures, you've found a gem.

7. Many Michigan wedding planners save money be recommending that brides pick out their favorite music and put it all on a CD to be used at the wedding ceremony. It's less expensive than hiring professional musicians, and you don't have to worry about no-shows. You're guaranteed to have great music at a reasonable price, and you can pick all your favorite songs. A DJ at the reception is also much less expensive than a live band, and you aren't limited to a particular type of music.

8. If you are planning on hosting an open bar at your Michigan wedding reception, ask if you can bring your own alcohol and supply your own bartender. Hiring a bartender directly eliminates the fee for a middleman, and you'll save hundreds of dollars by buying your own liquor. The mark-up on alcohol, wine and beer is usually substantial.

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