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crumbling schools or repairing our roads,

JAKARTA nike air max flair saldi , Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Thursday condemned the attacks in the nation's capital Jakarta, which had left one policeman and three civilians dead, and ordered the apparatus to pursue and arrest those involved as well as their network.

"The state and people must not be afraid, must not lose against such a heinous attack. I call all of the people to remain calm as everything is under control," the president said, responding to the attacks.

"We all extend a heartfelt condolence to the victims of this attack. But we all certainly condemn the act which disturbed the security of the people and launched terror to the people," President Widodo said.

The Indonesian president on Thursday decided to cut short his working visit in a town of Cirebon in West Java and ordered the authorities to pursue and arrest the attackers in Jakarta.

"I have ordered the police chief and security chief minister to hunt them in the scene or in the networks," he said.

President Widodo also called for the people to be calm as the situation is under control. "I shortcut my visit and will return to Jakarta," he said from Cirebon town, " he said at a local television in a live broadcast.

One policeman and three civilians were killed, and two other policemen were injured after gunmen attacked a traffic police post near a shopping mall here on Thursday, national police spokesman, Brigadier General Anton Charliyan told reporters.

"Three police were victims, one of them was killed and two others were injured, and three civilians were also killed," the spokesman said.

Previously, the spokesman said all the three policemen were killed.

Indonesia Police Chief General Badrodin Haiti said security in the presidential palace has been beefed up after explosions and fire exchanges with attackers at the heart of the capital city.

"Yes, there are more deployment of force (in the palace)," Badrodin said, but he did not go into details on either the number or security measures taken in the palace to respond to the attacks.

The strikes occurred after the police got warning that the Islamic State (IS) group would launch attacks in Indonesia, Brigadier General Anton Charliyan told reporters at the scene.

"It is clear that from the warning given by IS group that Indonesia will have a concert, Indonesia will be an international news," he said.

Therefore, "we have given warning too," of the possible strikes, and conducted arrests of several militants in many places in the country, said Anton.

Jakarta Police spokesman M. Iqbal said in a TV telephone interview that "The explosions were allegedly from bombs, we don't know yet. Further investigation is underway at present. Our apparatus is now combing a coffee shop building at the left side of the attacked traffic police post."

Footage broadcast by Metro TV showed that some of the explosions also took place in the front yard of the shopping mall. Another footage showed two people in white clothes pointed their guns to the street direction, and gave orders to their colleagues who followed behind.

The TV reported that at least 14 people were involved in the shootout with police. A witness said that among those killed was a foreigner.

The TV also reported that another explosion occurred in Palmerah, West Jakarta. Enditem

LONDON, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- A Hollywood star has become embroiled in a row with a city mayor over a slice of green and pleasant English meadowland, local media reports said.

New York-based actress Kim Cattrall, 58, paid a weekend visit to the city where she was born, Liverpool, and visited one of the city's cultural gems, Sefton Park.

There she spoke to campaigners battling to stop Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson from selling an area of meadow for an executive housing development.

The mayor is selling the tree-lined parkland to raise money for the city treasury following drastic spending cuts imposed by the national government.

The actress who starred in the Hollywood hit, Sex and the City, told campaigners how she "loves Sefton Park and grew up playing there as a child".

She said: "Sefton Park was a refuge for my mother during her childhood years because her father disappeared and she didn't have much, so visits to Sefton Park represented every holiday she ever had."

"So it's very sad what's going on right now with the meadows, and I feel that my involvement with that, it feels from my mum as well. I first told her about it and she said 'that's just not right, this is the people's land' and I believe that as well."

"I was there [on Saturday] and we took some pictures. It's so pastoral, it's so beautiful and it gives people a place to contemplate and play and walk and we need that barrier between the houses and the park. So I'm very disappointed that the Mayor has made the decisions that he has."

The actress left her home city when she was 11 to move to North America.

Mayor Anderson hit back asking: "what does a Hollywood superstar know of the issues that Liverpool faces?"

He added: "We're selling off 11 acres, we're putting in villas around it and the money we get from that will be invested in our city and our parks."

The mayor criticised the actress and accused her of "shouting from the sidelines".

He said: "She may have played in Sefton Park when she briefly lived in the city as a girl, but she left."

"I am still here and having to deal with massive and savage government cuts to our budget while devising ways to grow and sustain the city and protect its most vulnerable citizens."

"I'd be interested to hear what Kim Cattrall has to say on care packages for the elderly and disabled adults, mental health provision, crumbling schools or repairing our roads, for example?"

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