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The Electromagnetic Human The Electromagnetic HumanWe are electromagnetic fields masquerading as physical objects in space and time. This is the most amazing insight to arise from the revolution in physics at the turn of the 20th century Cheap Jerseys From China , which we refer to as Quantum Physics. Most people still think we are like billiard balls which are knocked around to do this and that by an external reality. No. This simple world of billiard ball cause and effect might be easy to imagine, but there is a more profound view that is indeed the latest word in science. There is now incontrovertible proof that in reality we are a vibrating field of photons. Would you rather be a billiard ball or a ball of light expressing infinite possibility at all times? You can make this choice, i.e. to think of yourself as a billiard ball, but a billiard ball cannot choose to think of itself as a ball of light. Our materialist society has taught us that we are only physical objects in space and time, but science itself, the supposed mainstay of the materialist world view Cheap Jerseys China , tells us now that we are balls of light. It is time to understand the Quantum Revolution and how it can help us understand ourselves in more accurate scientific terms. A photon is a 锟絙it锟?of light that can either behave like a particle or like a wave. What rides the wave is an array of possibilities that at any and every second can be collapsed into a particle here or there doing this or that. The ball of light that we are in every moment collapses a 锟絧ossibility wave锟?into a person thinking and feeling or seeing something. So the ball of light collapses the wave in two directions to create a 锟結ou锟?and 锟絊omething锟?that you are experiencing. Take a moment now to view yourself as a ball of light collapsing in this very moment 锟統ou锟?reading 锟絫his锟? for example锟紸round the same time that quantum scientists were formulating this new world view, something else happened, so vast and so unprecedented and so devastating, that we are only just now starting to put a name on it. Beginning in the early 1900 hundreds, human beings were encircled by grids of vibrating wires in their homes. In these wires electricity pulses at the speed of light 60 times a second. This grid of wires separated us from our previous electromagnetic home in the earth and entrained our human brains to vibrate to manmade frequencies that blurred the human relationship to the earth. Evidence exists that we have paid too high a price for our electricity. We no longer vibrate as we once did in the magnificent sea of mother earth in whose embrace we have been embedded for eons. One need only look at our current relationship to the earth to know that an extremely important relationship has been injured and is desperately in need of repair.Yes of course, the invention of electrical lighting Cheap Jerseys , musical records, telephones and radios, heralded an incredible burst of human comfort, pleasure and creativity. And now the manmade grid of radiation grows with TVs, computers, florescent lights Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys , cell phones, wireless routers and the wireless internet. But we must ask, what is the true price we are paying for all this? What is the impact on the deeper essence of who we are? Our society now pitches cell phones and laptops to children with no responsibility for their impact on the human brain. We have allowed nature to be reduced to materials for technology which technology then regurgitates into nightmares of pollution. The fundamental question facing us all today is: can we have our technology and maintain our healthy relationship with nature as well?To answer this question we need to conceive of ourselves as balls of light on an evolutionary journey in relationship with the earth and the electromagnetic nature of the earth.A moment is now occurring, with the election of a new president, in which we are reassessing the function of our energy grid and how we generate electricity. The main reason for the dense grid of wires and towers criss crossing our lives is the need to generate energy in huge power plants, usually oil or coal burning Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , and then transport huge amounts of current long distances to our cities and individual homes. This structure allowed private companies to monopolize and manipulate energy production and distribution as they supply a life-necessity to each home. An alternative form is possible today as we step back to take a look at repairing our energy grid and utilizing alternative methods of generation. A large portion of the problem could be improved by community plants using alternative forms of generating energy that would bury wires, thus protecting us from the high voltage lines that run through our neighborhoods. The fields coming off these lines fall off sharply with distance, but there are many people whose children sleep in bedrooms adjacent to the street along which these lines flow. Epidemiological studies in 1974 have shown that the incidence of leukemia in children increases according to the distance from these high voltasity levels. We now know that low intensity EMFs such as emanate off of your home wiring create a subtle stress on the immune system that results in many long term problems. Many of the 20th century stress related illnesses that range from chronic headaches to asthma to cancer are all made worse in the presence of EMF fields generated by manmade radiation.The latest objective scientific research is published on the web under www.Bioinitiative.org. It takes only a few moments to read the summary and then perhaps to look at the chapter headings that detail the research on the impact of . Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale Basketball Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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