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us ways. When we visit a new place f

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The Giants improved to 6-7 on Monday and matched Washington and Philadelphia atop the National Football Conference East division with three games remaining in the regular season.

Two-time Super Bowl champion Manning completed 27 of 31 passes for 337 yards (308 -meters). Odell Beckham Jr made seven catches for 166 yards and two second-half touchdowns that rallied the Giants to victory in their first game at Miami since 1996.

Ryan Tannehill threw a 47-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills early in the third quarter to give Miami a 24-17 lead.

But Manning's third touchdown pass of the game, a six-yard toss to Beckham, evened the score for the Giants.

Manning connected with Beckham again on an 84-yard touchdown play for what proved to be the winning touchdown to produce the final -margin with 11:13 remaining.

Manning flipped a five-yard touchdown pass to Will Tye with 44 seconds remaining in the second quarter to pull New York level 17-17 at halftime.

Lamar Miller raced 38 yards for a touchdown and Andrew Franks kicked a 36-yard field goal to give Miami a 17-10 lead late in the second quarter.

Manning opened the game eight-of-nine for 84 yards and a touchdown Devin Harris Jersey , his six-yard scoring toss to Rueben Randle putting New York ahead 10-7 just two minutes into the second quarter. Josh Brown's 35-yard field goal opened the scoring for the Giants but Miami took a 7-3 lead on Miller's 14-yard touchdown run.

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